What types of financial services does your firm provide?

•We are focused on Austin wealth management and making smart financial decisions within the markets for you.

•If you need other types of financial services, such as insurance and estate planning, we have some excellent contacts that will take care of those services for you.

•We assume most people are coming to us for the most difficult part of this process, which is making intelligent decisions about the markets.


What makes your firm different?

•We come from a different side of the business, institutional trading, where the focus is making money and/or limiting risk.

•No where in this process will we ever just buy and hold.  While this might be right for some, it takes a strong stomach to withstand the huge drawdowns the market has provided over the last decade or so.

•We started this company because we believe the usual financial advisory service does a huge disservice to their clients.  You have no downside protection, for starters.

•We are not simply asset gatherers.  We will not put you in the “hot” mutual funds, which basically follow the indices anyway, then stick your account in a drawer and hope for the best.

•We don’t chase the latest or hottest industry, only to leave it in too long and get blown up.

•If your advisor lost you a significant amount of money in 2008-2009, they simply weren’t paying attention.

•The bottom line:  We have a plan and we stick to it.  It starts with limiting your risk first, not last.


Your firm is an independent advisory, how do I know my money is safe?

•Good question: For starters, we will never take “custody” of your money.  You will open an account with the broker that we trade through, Interactive Brokers.  You will sign a legal document that allows us to trade your account as we see fit, within reason, of course.

•If you don’t like how we are doing, you can simply click a few buttons or call Interactive Brokers [1 (877) 442-2757] and they will take away our ability to trade your account.  It’s still your account after that, and you can do with it as you please.

•The good part about this process is it is very transparent.  You can log in and see how your account is doing 20X a day if you feel like it (not recommended, though, as this may lead to insanity).

•Interactive Brokers will never legally give us the ability to withdraw any money from your account.

•Interactive Brokers was the highest rated online broker in 2012, according to Barron’s.  Here is that article.

•Interactive Brokers trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol IBKR.  They are a member of the NYSE, FINRA, SIPC.


Are there any benefits for me, as a customer of an independent advisor?

•Absolutely.  We are under no pressure to push any products or funds that may not be right for you.

•We collect no commissions nor are there any types of “kick-backs” to any products that we put you in.  We simply charge a small advisory fee on the total amount of money under management for you.


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