Investment Philosophy

My main philosophy as a financial advisor involves the idea that no analyst or person can tell you exactly what a stock, bond, commodity, or exchange rate is worth.  This is where many asset managers and analysts get in trouble because where they decide an investment is a good value is not where the rest of the market believes it’s a good value, and it can go much lower. Unfortunately, almost all in the investment world are trained using the same, value-type orientations.  When almost everyone is using the same basic strategies, there is little room to gain any meaningful difference from the market’s indices. This is why most active investment managers fail to beat their benchmarks on a consistent basis.

My strategies involve a good blend of finding what is working and then finding low-risk entries into those products.  Risk is always taken into account first, not last.  After all, markets are ultimately driven by people and people’s emotions.  While it’s great to say you were the first to find the next great investment, it can be a long time before the market realizes your genius.  Over the past fifteen years we’ve seen two major bubbles and collapses and witnessed many people try to fight those market moves.  So,my question is, why fight the market?  I don’t, and this thinking is built into my strategies.

If this sounds like a good philosophy for you, please give me a call and we’ll work on something different, something better for you. (512) 961-3400.  As a financial advisor in Austin, we will work on taking your next step toward financial freedom.


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