Prospective Clients

As an Austin financial planner, I specialize in wealth management for those looking for diversification not only through the normal U.S. markets, but also through international investing, commodity stocks, foreign exchange equities, and small to mid-market business acquisition and sales advice.

My clients are baby boomers, young and upwardly-mobile executives, and small to mid-market business owners.  I am actively looking for those who are comfortable with investing but who may be frustrated with either their returns over the last decade or the one-sided risk (long-only) they feel they are taking in the markets.

My philosophy is different.  I believe in taking small, but steady chunks out of trends in the market.  I will go long or short and attempt to make money whether the market is going up or down.  I will take advantage of foreign markets that may have better growth potential than ours.  I will also trade commodity-related stocks and foreign exchange-based equities that will further diversify our portfolios.  These markets are often negatively correlated with the stock market, letting us not rely on only what the “Dow” is doing.  I take minimal risk in each trade, so that it is merely a small “paper cut” if I lose.  Our winning trades will be multiples of what we initially risked.

If this sounds like this type of philosophy might be right for you, please contact Greg Knox below or call (512) 961-3400 for a free investment consultation.


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